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本文摘要:名词复数 1.有规则变假名词 但除人民币的元、角、特别美元、英镑、法郎等都有复数形式。





6.The _____ has three______.  

18>My uncle and father are _____(man).

3. There are four and two in the group.

country-countries 国家、乡村, city-cities 都会, baby-babies, family-families,

A. is watch B. are watches C. are watch D. is watches


5、表现由两部门组成的工具。如:glasses (眼镜) trousers, clothes等;若表达详细数目要借助数量词 pair(对双);suit(套); a pair of glasses; two pairs of trousers等。

7.C an you see _______on the plate?

A monkey’s B monkeys C monkey

A. two bread B. two breads


5. The boys have got already.

A. policeman   B. policemans   C. policemen


A. tooth   B. tooths   C. teeth


A. sheep   B. dog   C. pig


14>Linda has three _______(tooth).


1、child---children foot---feet tooth---teeth mouse---mice man---men woman---women


测 试 题

C. six box of apples D. six boxs of apples


10>I help my mother wash ______(dish) in the kitchen.

A. Japanese, Germen B Japaneses, Germen

2. This car made in Shanghai.

10.In Britain _____ are all painted red.

C. Japanese,German C.Japanese, Germans

注意:由一个词加 man 或 woman组成的合成词其复数形式也是 -men 和-women

A. is B .are C .were D .has

10.There are some _____ on the floor.  

5>My brother looks after two ______(baby)

1. 写出下列名词复数

1 、 There on the wall .They are very beautiful.

A. bread B. breads C. breades


2>There are three ______(chair) in the classroom.

A. milk B. milks C.milkes

17>There are some ______(goose)in the river.


4. That’s art book.

A .our tooth B. our tooths C. teeth D. our teeth


8.The girl often brushes her_____ before she goes to bed.  

A. Japanese   B. Japaneses   C. Japan

1 . I can see three ________ in the zoo.

12>There are some ______(bus)in the street.


5.I can see ten _____ in the picture.  


19>Tom and King are _____(boy).

4.There are four ___________ in the class.  

4. 选出正确形式

A. hundreds of B. five hundreds of

A. is, fish B. are, fishs C. is, fishs D. are, fish

6. The old man wants .

3. 选出正确形式

A. child   B. water   C. Books

Hero-heroes 英雄, Negro-negroes 黑人, potato-potatoes 土豆, tomato-tomatoes 西红柿

9>I have a lot of ______(toy) in my bedroom.

8>Chinese ______(people)like to eat noodles.

9.Mr Black often drink some _________.

tree-trees树, desk-desks桌子card-cards, parent-parents

6>There are some ______(deer) eating the grass.

3、团体名词以单数形式泛起但实为复数。例如:people police cattle 等自己就是复数不能说 a peoplea policea cattle但可以说a persona policemana herd of cattle.

13>Peter has eight _____(foot).

knife-knives刀, leaf-leaves 树叶, wife 妻子-wives


9. We should clean twice a day.

16>Michael likes the ______(mouse).

C. is a photo D. is photos

2. 用所给的单词的复数的正确形式填空

A. foot   B. feet   C. foots

8. There two in the box.

leaf______ puppy_______ box_______ knife_______ fly______ fox______ bus______ bench_____ brush_____ kiss______ church______ dish_____ ruler______ peach________ glass_____ pencil________ boy______ zoo______ man______ roof_______ sheep_______ deer______ lady______ key______ story______ bamboo______ city______

7. There some in the river.

A. letter boxes B.letters boxes C. letter box D.letters box

4>______(hero) are great.


2. The pig has four ______.  

11>I have two ______(pencil-box).

15>There are some ______(child) in the garden.

A. an B. a C. the D are

1>There are so many________(wolf)in the forest.

A. boys, watches   B. boy, watch   C. boy, watches

C. two pieces of bread D. two piece of bread

bus-buses, box-boxes, watch-watches 手表, brush-brushes 刷子, glass-glasses

11.There are_____ birds in that big tree.

A. six boxes of apples B. six boxes of apple

3.My two brothers are both ______.

7>My father likes to eat _______(potato).

3>These _______(tomato) are red.

A. are photoes B. are photos

C. five hundred of D. hundred of